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International Student Loans – Application Process

International student loans are actually customized personal education loans that are offered to foreign students who are studying in the USA or American students studying abroad. Some of these loans are available as private rather than government loans, and almost all of these loans require an American citizen as consignee. These education loans are a […]


Student Visa For Immigration to Canada, UK and Australia

Choosing study options abroad is a tedious task. While one chooses his/her future university for higher education one should keep in mind the quality of teaching, the research profile and the reputation of the university’s academics, future career opportunities and international exposure. The rankings produced regularly both by employers in the academic world as well […]


10 Tips For International Students Seeking Permanent Residence in Australia (Part 1)

Many international students studying in Australia dream of one day becoming permanent residents and staying on in Australia for good. The most common pathway for students is to apply for General Skilled Migration on completion of their studies. Whilst there is a lot of information on immigration on the internet, sometimes it’s difficult to figure […]

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