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What Is Student Loan Rehabilitation?

Last year, a major change was made to federal student loans that are already in default loan status. Borrowers that have defaulted on these loans can now apply for something called ‘Income-Based Default Rehabilitation.’ While this new law doesn’t excuse a total loan amount, it does provide a much needed break for the thousands of […]


How to Negotiate With Student Loan Creditors Decoded!

Did you know that the average student will graduate with $35,000 in student loan debt this year? Most of these students will have a very hard time paying down that debt. If you’re one of those students, struggling with the heavy weight of student loans, you are not alone! Many graduates face serious student loan […]


Cap, Gown, and Debt: Helping You Manage Student Loans

According to a recent report issued by Edvisors.com, students that are part of the graduating class of 2015 will be saddled with an average of $35,000 in student loan debt. While $2,000 higher than the average debt last year, these numbers no longer shock a nation used to seeing the total student loan debt in […]

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