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18 Ways to Reduce Your Mortgage Loan

  1. Skip the introductory rate (Honeymoon) Beware of lenders bearing gifts! Introductory or honeymoon rates have long been an important marketing tool for lenders. You are initially offered a cheap rate on your loan to get you in the door but once the honeymoon period is over, the lender will switch you to a […]


Student Loan Debt – How to Get Out of Student Loans Quickly

Congratulations on your recent graduation! It’s a great feeling to have accomplished a goal like graduating from college. Adulation and a great party follow the cap and gown ceremony. Then, within six (6) months you start getting notices in the mail. Your loans become due. Maybe you haven’t even had a chance to get that […]


How The Student Loan Debt Relief Programs Can Help Graduates With Outstanding Credits

In a Forbes article last 2009, a 2008 College Board study showed that two out of every three undergraduates will leave their college or university with some kind of student debt. And a more terrifying research shows that an average college or university’s graduate’s loan debt is around $ 26,000. With such statistics, education really […]

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