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Death to Debt: College Student Edition

It is no mystery that one of the largest issues facing college students of today is the rising cost to tuition, which often translates into high student loan debt. Coupled with a tough job market, many students are struggling to make ends meet. This leads to a high level of stress and instability in these […]


5 Big Mistakes Parents And Students Make Before Applying To College

1. What’s the biggest mistake both parents and students make before college? Can you say the word, “Procrastination?” We like to put off what we don’t want to face or what we know we should do, but won’t because we simply don’t know where to start. Plus, we think we have all kinds of time […]


Paying Off Student Loans The Creative Way

In response to this debt problem, and the growing need for good community servants, the government has offered a 10-year loan forgiveness program for those college graduates who use their careers to aid the general public. For instance, a student’s loans can be forgiven after 10 years serving in a field of public service. These […]

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