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Top Tips for Student Travel Insurance

Many young people think getting travel insurance is a very ‘adult’ thing to do, and that only businessmen with meetings around the world or extremely rich people who travel on a regular basis are the ones who need it. But that truth is a very different story. Even students who are travelling for short period […]


Importance of Health Insurance Cashless Claims Settlements For International Students

What if as a foreign student you accidentally get hospitalized and you don’t have cash on hand. You present the hospital administration your insurance ID card and are they insist that you make a payment upfront. How on earth when one is injured find the nearest ATM in a country that is new or foreign? […]


Benefits of International Travel Insurance for Students

Every year a huge number of students go to study abroad and student travel insurance plans are an integral part of their preparations. At the time of travelling, you can never completely push aside the probability of loss or damage of property and important documents, and the student insurance plans currently offer complete protection against […]

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