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The Impact of Healthcare Reforms to Student Health Insurance Plans

Student-InsuranceStudent health insurance plans are set to get better when the reformed healthcare law in the US takes effect. Students, especially those who are about to graduate, would be given longer time to enjoy their current coverage.

Students Who Graduate Are Usually Facing A Dilemma

That is because their student health insurance plans or their inclusion in the coverage of their parents also automatically ends after college graduation. So what happens when it takes some time before a student finds a job? It is not advisable to go on without any health coverage even for a short while. The problem is addressed by the reformed healthcare bill, which would take effect on 2014.

One of the most raved about provisions of the popular healthcare reform law is what is called the Affordable Care Act, which directly has implications on student health insurance plans. Under the new law provision, college students would finally be allowed to remain within their parents’ healthcare coverage plans up until they turn 26 years old. The provision is something new because students under the previous law usually lose insurance coverage immediately after graduation from college.

Thus, before the health reform bill, college students face a variety of unlikely circumstances. They graduate without any definite job, they graduate with a job that would not start for several months, or worse, they graduate with a job that is not offering any healthcare benefit. Thus, through the reformed healthcare bill, students need not worry about getting uninsured after the day of graduation.

The Affordable Care Act would initially take its initial effect on September 2010. To date, up to 65 health insurers have already agreed to offer and provide benefits through student health insurance plans immediately. However, some employers have agreed to only comply with the provision starting January 2011. Such employers are still reviewing their coverage offers for fresh grads. By 2014, the Act along with the entire reform bill should have been implemented fully.

So What To Do For The Meantime?

There are non-profit organizations and insurers that are providing minimal, temporary, and short-term student health insurance plans to fresh and young graduates who are about to experience a coverage gap after graduation from college. That means any new grad who is stuck with no insurance until September or who has assumed a job with benefits lag could possibly get a temporary healthcare coverage.

Such short-term medical insurance programs are intended for students and fresh graduates who are still yet to take permanent healthcare options on the horizon. The problem is that such insurance plans may not be available in all states. For instance, state legislation in Massachusetts, California, Vermont, and New Jersey do not allow such exclusions.

In the end, there are student health insurance plans that would not be more of a burden to students, especially those who are about to graduate. Everybody hopes the reformed healthcare law would bring another dawn to the industry.

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