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Start a Home Based Business – If You Don’t Want To Go To University

dreamstime_xl_3195143150% of young people go to University in Britain and there is only one certainty and that’s when they finish most will be in debt. With sky-high fee’s (and due to rise) and no job guarantee is it really worth it?

In 1963, just 5% of our brightest students went to university, in 2015 it’s 50%. Have we spawned a generation far brighter than the baby boomers? I don’t think so, in my opinion our children have fewer options available to them so is university delaying the inevitable. Gone are the local industries which were fed from school leavers at 16.

Last year a staggering 16,000 students were out of work six months after graduating.

For many the financial investment does not pay off. 30% of graduates are in low paid and often low skilled jobs to pay the bills. It isn’t just the financial strain either, many students feel peer & parent pressure is the reason for choosing the Uni/College route.

But what are the options, a gap year? again delaying the inevitable, working in Industry is a great experience especially if you are offered an apprenticeship, but low pay for 1-3 years is putting our youngsters off.

Younger people are more vocal now than ever before and it’s fabulous that they have something to say. Vloggers and Bloggers are carrying the voice of this generation and earning money from it at the same time.

If you like talking to people then try writing it down or video what you have to say. People will come to Know, Like and trust you. It’s all about adding Value to people’s lives, wanting to help and share your knowledge.

There are Bloggers out there who think that you shouldn’t earn money from writing, but you work hard so why not get paid for it. After all, we all need to eat, pay the rent and enjoy our lives so if you want more than just beer money then read on.

5 Tips to help you get Started and Earn an Income Online

1) Affiliate Marketing

This is where you join their programme, you connect with the company and promote their products or services. When you make a sale then you usually receive a commission. The rates can vary, but there are a lot of “High ticket sales” where you earn a higher commission rate, it takes time, to set up but worth the effort.

2) Ad Networks

This is the most well known route for Bloggers to make money. How it works: The Networks allow you to place Ads on your blog and you get paid if 1) the viewer sees the Ad (but doesn’t have to click on it) this is Paid per Impression or 2) viewer clicks on the Ad this is Paid per click. AdSense is a good place to start.

This works well for high traffic websites, not so good for beginners as it takes time to make money (Affiliate marketing may be best for beginners)

3) Sponsored Posts

Companies pay you to write a blog/post about their product (or company) Some companies will negotiate a price whilst others set a fixed price for your work. There is also writing a Review in exchange for the Product. If you have a regular agreement with a company then check first to see if they have an Affiliate programme as it might be more lucrative for you.

Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and write a post about their product or service. Be upfront and disclose your earnings to your readers.

4) Selling Your Product or Service

Selling your own product or Service – there are many ways to get your Product online. People are selling the most surprising services! But if you are new to Blogging then consider a professional Marketing company to help define your Target Audience or Niche, teach you how to use the many Social Media platforms and most importantly be part of an Online Community who support and guide you through the whole process.

5) Selling Ad space

This way you are in control of what type of Ad appears on your Blog and what you are paid. Most ads are placed on the sidebar, below the blog header or the post itself. The more traffic you have the more likely you will make money, so for new Bloggers it’s usually a slower start.

Hi, I’m Louise Hunt and I’m here to help.

It’s daunting when you first go Online, but it isn’t impossible. I had no Business experience, I wasn’t computer literate, my background was In the Clothing Industry but if I can do it then so can you.

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