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Scholarships Offered For Graduate Level Nursing Studies

If you’re considering pursuing graduate-level nursing studies, you’re likely to find a wide array of scholarships and more to help you pay the expenses. Colleges, universities and professional associations are introducing financial aid incentives that might help students train to fill specific needs in the field. These financial aid options include awards and student loan repayment options as well as new scholarships.

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation in Bellevue, Wa., itself announced two new scholarships in October. Applications for one of these nursing scholarships are due Nov. 30. The scholarship is known as the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation/Procter & Gamble Endowed Scholarship in Community Service. A $1,000 scholarship endowed through a Procter & Gamble educational grant is to be awarded to a nurse practitioner student who has made contributions in patient care, school or the community while working toward an advanced degree.

A Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation/Procter & Gamble Endowed Scholarship in Gastroenterology is designed to award another nurse practitioner student $1,000. This scholarship was also endowed through a Procter & Gamble grant. It’s is designed for a student with gastroenterology clinical or research interests, and applications were due Nov. 15.

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation also is providing three Astellas Heart Health Through the Ages Awards that are supported by a charitable donation from Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc. These awards are designed to help graduate nurse practitioner students or working nurse practitioners provide service, conduct research or participate in educational projects that have to do with heart health and that are completed within two years. Nurse practitioners in the areas are pediatric, adult, and geriatric heart health (one each) are to each receive an award of $3,000 each, with another $1,000 provided to help the project proceed.

Additional Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation awards are to be provided through what’s known as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner United Primary Care Outcomes Research awards. This $3,500 award, supported through a grant from Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners United of Washington State), is to be provided to a working nurse practitioner or nurse midwife or a graduate student in areas in Washington State. The award is intended to help the recipient carry out a two-year research project related to how primary care provided by by nurse practitioners or nurse midwives affects patients.

A university in Hamden, Ct., was provided an $80,000 grant that’s to be used as scholarships designed to help students who are considered underrepresented in the field of nursing. The grant was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing through the RWJF New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program, according to an announcement from the university. The scholarships – eight of them at $10,000 each – are to be provided to students who participate in the institution’s accelerated nursing programs for the 2010-2011 academic year, the announcement noted. Earlier in the year, the university announced plans to open a medical school that would emphasize primary care and global health. The institution expects students would begin classes in the medical school by the fall 2013 or 2014 semester.

At the School of Nursing at a prominent university in New Orleans, students who obtain advanced graduate degrees can have 85 percent of their student loans toward this degree repaid by the federal government. In exchange, these individuals must teach in a nursing school full-time for four years, according to the the university’s announcement. This option is being provided as part of what’s known as a Nurse Faculty Loan Repayment Program, and it’s made possible with the help of a federal grant worth more than $423,000, the university announcement noted.

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