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Online Jobs Without Investment for Students

If you are a student looking for an online job that does not require an investment to obtain, probably you want a job with a schedule flexible enough to accommodate the interruptions of classes in any given school term and a changing class schedule from term to term (or semester to semester, year to year and so on).

I. Good news and bad regarding fees

And your desire for a job that does not require an entry or application or training fee is understandable. For one thing, scams often require application of the old credit or bank draft before whatever pie-in-thje-sky promises of riches are supposedly to be produced.

For another, you may ask why an employer whose ostensible job would be to pay you for your work would want to get paid in order to allow you the privilege of getting hired to work.

Be aware, however, that not all associated fees are necessarily bogus. You are probably already paying tuition (or have agreed that someone else should via grants and, for the time being, loans) with the goal of a job in mind at the end of your school program.

Likewise there are other forms of job training that may require a fee. The question is what their quality and purpose is.

One highly rated company (arise.com) requires applicants to pay for their certification in customer service work and pay for a background check on you in order to assure potential off-site employers that you are the kind of reliable and competent applicant for which they are looking. Like tuition for a school degree.

II. Some flexible suggestions…

It just depends on employer and position need as to whether or not the schedule for your prospective “at home call center” would be flexible. Often such jobs require regular business hours for one time zone or another.

Typically more flexible would be writing, editing, and website or software coding jobs, although these would typically each come with a project deadline. So most freelance jobs.

One might prefer the security and consistency of a single employer for a part time or full time online job, but freelance work can develop into a regular clientele base. Elance.com and Guru.com are among the sites that match those looking for freelance jobs with those looking to outsource projects for pay. Both have free subscription options, though these may be limiting.

Also see Writersweekly for ads of companies looking for writers. And don’t forget to advertise your service (whether writing or something else) on Craigslist.org.

Another possibility is online data entry work. Much of this is a scam or required to be performed within the confines of a regular business residence, but off-site and online work is real, especially if it can be combined with some skill and experience, such as medical transcription work.

Indeed, one way to obtain an online position may be to apply for a regular on-site position, but convince the employer one’s work can be performed for a lesser salary off-site and online due to lack of commuting and employer office overhead costs. (Just be sure to deliver on your work.)

Tutoring can sometimes be online if you have the credentials for a given age group and topic. And the pay can sometimes be attractive.

III. A word of caution

My experience with “make money filling out surveys online” jobs is that there is a lot of wading through inappropriate possibilities both on the part of the one seeking surveys and the businesses behind them before coming to good matches. And the pay is often minimal. One may work hard finding that survey that gains one a check for two dollars or a chance and winning a plane tickets to somewhere.

More significantly and generally, beware of online promises that seem to be too good to be true… especially when you’d really like the money or other benefits. Beware of giving out private and sensitive information about yourself. Research independent sources on the companies and websites you are considering before applying to them for online jobs.

But on the whole and when exercising due caution and diligence, online jobs are possible for students without investing money to get them.

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