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Importance of Health Insurance Cashless Claims Settlements For International Students

teaser-studentWhat if as a foreign student you accidentally get hospitalized and you don’t have cash on hand. You present the hospital administration your insurance ID card and are they insist that you make a payment upfront. How on earth when one is injured find the nearest ATM in a country that is new or foreign?

These are just one of the common problems faced by international students due to their insurances not offering direct cash-less settlement of claims. If you are a foreign student desirous of preventing such occurrences then make sure that you avail insurances for foreign students from a trustworthy provider.

Cashless claims settlements enable foreign students to be treated at hospitals and facilities by just showing their medical card. Through cashless settlements, your foreign student health insurance provider will settle the bill directly easing you the financial burden.

Through a simple phone call the emergency help at the insurance company can arrange an ambulance on a special request or instruct the hospital to ready your room and also coordinate with the surgeon. In addition, the great thing about this is that there are no additional charges when you avail of cash-less settlement of claims.

Insurance companies typically maintain a preferred list of hospitals for direct cash-less settlement of claims. The same type of claims settlement is available for doctor office visits as well; in other words the insurance company can settle the bill directly with the doctor’s office.

Also, it is comforting to know that there is no age limit for obtaining the direct cash less claims settlement through insurance companies. International Students and their dependents can benefit from direct cash-less settlement of claims in the US.

While choosing your foreign student insurance make sure direct cash-less settlement of claims is offered with your foreign student health insurance. This is in an important feature that is often overlooked by those new to the US. Seek the help of a good agent in finding an affordable plan.

Your International Student Advisor at the University or College can sometimes help you in selecting an appropriate plan. The University may require certain insurance waiver forms to be completed by the insurance company.

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