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Easy Way For College Students To Make Some Extra Money

It is no big secret that many people are looking for quick and easy ways to generate some more cash. I know one particular group of people that are usually at the top of this list are college students. With Ways-To-Make-Money-in-Collegerising tuition cost and overall living expenses many college students are finding themselves struggling to stay alive financially in today’s weak economy. In this article I am going to go over one pretty cool method that really any can use, especially college students to earn some extra cash. I do want to say that the method that I am going to share can be used to make a lot more then some extra money. This can be used to make $1,000’s of dollars a month.

Let’s jump straight into this method. What we will be doing is generating leads for companies. For every lead that we send these companies we will be paid. The beauty here is that we will not be selling anything. We will be earning cash simply by getting others to fill out short forms requesting more information. It really is as simple as that. This form of marketing is known as CPA marketing (cost per action). Like I said, I know this sound fairly simple but there are people out there making full-time incomes strictly from CPA offers.

How can college students make money with this? There are many CPA offers out there that are closely related to college kids. What I mean by this is that there are offers out there that may offer student loan reductions or getting grants to help pay for things. These type of offers are geared toward college kids and will usually have a high conversion rate which means a lot of money for you.

The method!

Step 1. You will need to sign up with a CPA company. Some companies require that you be approved before you can start promoting offers but there are many companies out there that do not require this. Just do a quick Google search on “top CPA networks” you will find plenty. You can also do a search on “non approval cpa networks” or “how to get approved by a cpa network”. Trust me it’s really not that complicated. Do not let this simple step stop you.

Step 2. Once with a network take some time to find the offers that you feel will appeal to college students. This should take you just a few minutes. Make sure to look at the payout and make sure it is a decent one. I would say anything from $4 on up will work.

Step 3. The offer that you choose will have a long and ugly tracking link. We will need to shorten this link or in other words disguise its ugly appearance. There are several ways to do this but for time and money sake I am going to show you a quick and free way to do this. Take your tracking link over to a site called bit.ly. Here you will turn your link into a shorter more appealing link. You can even customize these links to make them go with the CPA offer.

Step 4. Design or have a simple flyer promoting the offer. Make sure that it is very simple but catchy. When designing it make sure to include your shortened tracking link. There are many free flyer designing software online that you can use or you may ask a friend to do one for you. If all else fails you can go to a cool little site called Fiverr and get one designed for $5.

Step 5. Print out at least 100 fliers to start with. You can use your own printer or take it somewhere to get this done for rather cheap.

Step 6. Now all you need to do is strategically place these flyers in places that people will see them. A good idea is to wait to a class is over and go in and place a flyer on all the empty desk. Be sure to also post them on bulletin boards around campus.

This is a method that a college student can use to make some money and it takes very little time and cost to get going. There are tons of offers that you can offer and many that have a nice pay per lead. There are real ways to make money out there. Just take action.

No More Excuses! This Is A No-Brainer For Anyone Who Really Wants To Make Money Online!

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