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College Student Health Insurance Is A Must

laptop-college-girlEven though the new Health Care Reform Law extended the length of how long children can stay on their parents health care policy, in Michigan student health insurance has never been more important. In the state, every college requires incoming freshman to have a health coverage. With that stat, and with the number of private individual policies on the rise, a college student health policy is very important.

Most colleges in Michigan provide a health plan to their incoming students. These policies while benefit rich are usually more expensive, and sometimes require you to use the clinics on campus. Most of the times, these policies end up costing more than a regular private plan you can purchase off of the market, or from a broker.

The other key with University health policies compared to private policies are how pre-existing conditions are covered. While more research has to be done, most policies purchased from your University do not cover pre-existing conditions. That is not true comparing to a health policy you can purchase on the market, as each health insurance company treats your pre-existing condition differently. If you decide to purchase from the open market, consult a health insurance broker who knows how your pre-existing condition will be treated be the health insurance company.

The final point about coverage for college students is the need. Young adults have the mentality of “Superman”, where they feel they are invincible to any health insurance problems. While they maybe right, what they are not invincible to is accident, and mistakes. The cost of college is high enough, and that cost can explode if you do not have health coverage. If you do not have the choice of being on your parent’s health plan, then it is imperative to purchase a policy off of the market, or even from your college itself.

College students have enough to research on, however knowing the difference between a University policy or private policy is crucial to knowing what is best for you.

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