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College Student Health Insurance Is A Must

Even though the new Health Care Reform Law extended the length of how long children can stay on their parents health care policy, in Michigan student health insurance has never been more important. In the state, every college requires incoming freshman to have a health coverage. With that stat, and with the number of private […]


Why You Need A Short Term Health Insurance

Want insurance for tacking tough time? Read the article on to learn how insurance plans for short term can help. When you are in times of transition, need a low cost insurance, want quick approval and with no crucial formalities at all, nothing beats short term health insurance. Designed to assist you in short term […]


Why Your College Student Needs Renters Insurance

It is possible that your (the parents’/guardian’s) homeowners insurance will cover a college student’s possessions in a college dorm room. Be sure to check with your independent insurance agent to find out the specifics on your policy. Find out the details on the deductible and any specifics for what it does or does not cover. […]

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