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5 Benefits of Part-Time Work for Students

aWhat does the word experience mean to you? What about opportunity? If these words hold any value to you, you should consider part-time employment. It’s your free ticket out of a limited school education, your opportunity to expand your skills in the workplace, and your chance to earn a stable salary! Don’t see minimum wage as a disincentive and look past the paycheck; here are five major reasons you should join the workforce.

1. You’ll find out what you like… and don’t like.

A plus about part-time work is that it encompasses a wide variety of jobs; web designing, camp counseling, tutoring and more! Personally, I was a staff member for a sports and recreation program during the summer – as it turns out, here was where I discovered my incompatibility with children. School is great, but it doesn’t give you the chance to experiment with different occupations. It’s better to find out what you’re passionate (or not passionate) about as soon as possible; hopefully you’ll have the enlightening experience I did, and maybe you’ll find interest in something new.

2. You’ll improve your work ethic and your time management.

Another huge perk of having a part-time job is that it conditions you to use your time wisely. Between balancing school and your job, you’ll have more time constraints to abide to, which gives you an incentive to complete your duties efficiently. This translates to stronger time management skills and a solid work ethic that will lead to better grades. Being employed at an early stage is like holding a sign that says you’re ready to succeed. Not only is this a substantial addition to your portfolio, your own motivation will drive you to become an outstanding individual.

3. You’ll become more independent.

With your parents covering the majority of your expenses, knowing how to manage your cash effectively is a lot more important than you would think. Realistically speaking, most of us are going to encounter problems with money at some point in our lives. Having to make decisions with your own money teaches you to be frugal and how to budget. Not only will you be able to diminish the repercussions of a financial dilemma in the near future, you’ll also become reliable enough to analyze a situation and make smart choices.

4. You can build important connections.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Although Jim Rohn was one of the most influential speakers in history, he started off as a farm boy from Idaho with minimal education. He only became the rags-to-riches story he is today AFTER he broadened his connections through work and gained a mentor. Part-time employment will allow you to further expand your network, and this will consequently provide you with more opportunities. By gathering valuable insight from your peers, mentors and environment, you’ll receive a distinct advantage over your future competition.

5. You’ll develop crucial skills and become more social.

As it turns out, having the ability to carry a conversation with a stranger is pretty nifty. When I started working I was painfully awkward; speaking to strangers felt uncomfortable and it was difficult to make eye contact. After regularly interacting with coworkers and clients, I gradually gained confidence and started to take initiative. I strongly believe that the most important thing about my part-time experience is that it taught me how to be professional in the workplace, how to appeal to customers and how to work in a team.

So now that you’ve learned about the merits of part-time work, how can you get started? Luckily, there are tons of resources for you to start looking; community centers, job-searching websites like Kijiji, even smartphones apps like Wirkn where you can apply for jobs through your phone camera! As long as you have a resume and the motivation to excel, you’re set to go! It’s never too late to start, so stop wasting time; this is your moment to make one of the best decisions of your life.

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